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Townhouse Inspections

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Townhouse Inspections

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Condominium Inspections

Condominium Inspections

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Types of residential inspections


Pre-Purchase Inspections

This is our most common type of Inspection. Buying a home is one of, if not the largest investment people will make, find out what you are buying! What kind of repairs can you expect with your new home? You may have found the perfect place, but unforeseen repairs can be costly and very disappointing. You deserve to know before you commit to the purchase. 

Pre-Listing Inspections

Selling your house but worried about what an inspector might discover? Some times a bunch of minor repairs can cause a deal to fall apart, take care of them before its inspected by the buyer. You will get a full report on issues or potential issues that a buyer and their inspector may have with your home. You can then decide if you want to repair them before you list, factor in how you price your home or prepare for negotiations based on upcoming repairs. 

Post Purchase Inspections

Didn't have a chance to get a home inspection before you purchased? Finding some problems and wonder if there are more? Are you planning a big renovation but your budget does not allow for big surprises? Before you spend your savings on a big renovation, get a report on your homes condition so you can budget for your upcoming needs as well as your wants. 

New Home Warranty Inspections

Many people don't understand the benefits of having an expert look at your new place on your behalf as apposed to just relying on the builders word. Whether you need a report on the home before you take possession so defects can be dealt with by the builder prior to moving in or you have your one year warranty review coming up and want to be sure nothing is missed. We can help you!


There are many other reasons to get an inspection besides these most common ones. Give us a call to discuss!