House Inspection


As someone who has owned and renovated 100 + year old houses, Darren has extensive experience with all aspects of home renovations and maintenance. He has personally designed and completed full kitchen, bathroom, basement and attic remodeling as well as roofs, decks, heating, plumbing and electrical work. He oversaw the construction of a new garage including a non-conforming permitting process. Darren has inspected hundreds of houses in all shapes, sizes, ages and conditions. Contact Darren to book your inspection today! 

Sample of the Areas checked During an Inspection


Site - Type of drainage system, Walkways, Driveways, Fences, Retaining walls.

Exterior - Exterior surface, Soffits, Trim, Porches, Decks, Balconies.

Roofing - Style, Material, Overhangs, Approx life span, Flashings, Gutters, Chimneys, Skylights, Ventilation.

Garage - Garage door opener, Man doors,

Doors and Windows - Type of Doors and Windows, Functionality, General energy efficiency and service life.

Interior - Walls, Ceilings, Floors, Stairs, Fireplaces.

Kitchen - Cabinets, Countertops, Sinks, Electrical, Plumbing, Appliances

Bathrooms - Sinks, Cabinets, Toilet, Tub, Shower, Electrical, Ventilation.

Laundry - Tested for basic operation amd proper connections.

Heating and Air Conditioning - Furnaces, Boilers, Air Conditioning, Tested for basic operation.

Electrical - Main panel and Sub panels, Type and Material of wiring, testing of outlets, Switches and Lights.

Plumbing - Main shut off location, Material of Supply and Interior plumbing, Floor drains, Water Heater Type and Approx age.

Life Safety - Smoke Detectors, Carbon Monoxide Detectors.

Structure - Foundation, Attics, Basements, Crawlspaces, Underground Parking. 


 *Please call/email/text for quote. Older, larger and added suite(s) in homes may be subject to cost adjustment.