Darren Larter, AHI

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​As someone who has owned and renovated 100 + year old houses, Darren has extensive experience with all aspects of home renovations and maintenance. He has personally designed and completed full kitchen, bathroom, basement and attic remodeling as well as roofs, decks, heating, plumbing and electrical work. He oversaw the construction of a new garage including a non-conforming permitting process.   

Buying a brand new condo in the mid 90's gave Darren a great deal of first hand knowledge about leaky condo's. This unfortunate circumstance provided valuable information about how condos were built then, their problems, as well as the remediation process of rain screening.    

Analytical and detailed by nature, Darren tenaciously investigates and identifies problems. As a former service technician, he developed a reputation as the “go-to” person for resolving the toughest issues. Darren is committed to digging deep to identify both current and potential problems.  

Throughout his career, Darren has consistently developed and maintained strong relationships with his clients by being accessible and responsive, delivering results and providing exceptional service. People who hire Darren to do a home inspection can be sure that he will take every step to evaluate and provide a thorough report on the existing condition of the home.